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“Impressively researched and cogently argued, Containment and Credibility sheds much new light on the prolonged and often angry debate between those who waged the war and those who opposed it.”

Dr. George C. Herring
Alumni Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Kentucky
Author of America's Longest War: The United States and Vietnam, 1950-1975

“In this 'mass political history,' Pat Proctor offers an important reinterpretation of the contemporary debate over the American war in Vietnam. Based on extensive research in official and private archives as well as a vast secondary literature, Containment and Credibility contends that a strategic change in the arguments of antiwar leaders in early 1968 provided an acceptable reason for Americans to oppose the war which hastened its end, while preserving the basic Cold War ideology on which the war was based. This is an engaging and nuanced argument, deserving of a wide audience.”

Dr. Gary R. Hess
Emeritus Distinguished Research Professor
Bowling Green State University

“What is new [in Containment and Credibility] is Proctor’s sound conclusion that the Vietnam War containment and credibility framework has had a lasting influence on U.S. foreign policy. Today’s 'War on Terror,' he says, is still being fought with a Cold War-era foreign policy ideology, which could be a recipe for 'a century of costly and fruitless warfare across the globe.'”

Publishers Weekly

“Military historians will find in this work a fresh take on the Vietnam War, as well as its warnings for current conflicts”

Jason L. Steagall
Gateway Technical Coll. Lib., Elkhorn, WI
Library Journal

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